An absurd challenge

Challenges are fun. Challenges are necessary to keep things interesting. If everything would be a piece of cake, we’d soon be all bored to death. Each challenge, whether a real competition or just for fun, implies trying to push your limits a little bit, thinking out of the box, being creative and aiming as high as you (realistically) can.  And afterwards, whether you go flat on your face or just beyond all imagination, you’ll have learned. A new possibility to get better.


Browsing the internet for interesting coffee related stuff – some daily pastime for me :) – I recently came across this. James Hoffman created an ‘Absurd latte art challenge’, where you have to pour latte art into something unusual. Ok pouring into saucers, portafilters, pitchers, trays… but Ryan Willbur and Devin Pedde (Intelligentsia LA hotties) decided to do something a little bit more ‘special’. Danger danger! Tonx took pictures of there submission; here. (Hoffmans own try isn’t too bad either)


With my latte art skills almost non-existent but being worked on very hard, it’ll still take a while before I get there! But as I said: challenges are fun. Who’s willing to be my canvas? :)


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