Coffee breakdown

Ok, this blog has bean dead for a while… Not actually dead, but one has to admit that it suffered from a breakdown or some serious version of summer hibernation.  If it’s any support to the readers, the blog is aware of its dormant status, and has no intention of actually dying at all… He’s just really slow in waking up… Cut him some slack, will ya :) 

Amongst the so many daily interesting and not so interesting coffee related bits and twits that I read, today there was one in particular that caught my intention: a coffee breakdown…

(original by Brock Davis)

original by Brock Davis


Wired Magazine posted an article on the actual compounds of coffee… Of course, we all know that it contains water and caffeine, but it’s the other things that are interesting. Don’t you wanna know what you’re drinking? Go and check what’s in your cup!


Speaking about coffee breakdown, lots of people in Antwerp have their daily/weekly/monthly coffeebreak down for a while: Bar Choq has temporarily closed its doors due to construction problems in the building. As one of the best Belgium barista’s I know, and definitely the kindest coffee shop owner I’ve ever met; it’s truly sad that this has happened… While right now, in return for all those beautiful coffee moments he’s created, there’s not a lot we can do besides showing how much we heart Bar Choq… but let’s make him work his ass off once he’s back on track… Promised!


1 Response to “Coffee breakdown”

  1. 1 Freek September 23, 2009 at 8:37 am

    Coffee blog is back! Yeuj!!

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