C is for Coffee, that’s good enough for me!

Me, that is Isa(belle) Verschraegen, the writer of this blog. I got the coffee vibe in the summer of 2008 in NYC. (Read how that happened here)

I am currently slinging shots at Caffenation in Antwerp. I joined this team of enthusiastic coffee aficionados and crazy baristas in January and have not for a second doubted my decision. After OR Espresso Bar in Ghent, it’s the perfect continuation of my coffee journey. Rob Berghmans has been infected by the coffee vibe for quite some years now, and he’s always trying to improve, get the perfect shots, the craziest drinks, the best baristas, the nicest atmosphere… Drop in for a visit and see for yourself!

Besides coffee, some other C’s that describe me: culture, creative, crazy, cinema, communication, couchsurfer, cosy, cruising (ok, that came the closest to ‘travelling’)

You can find me @


Hopland 46

2000 Antwerpen – BELGIUM

open: mon-fri: 8.30am – 7.30pm / sat: 9am – 8pm / sun: 12am – 6pm

Caffenation on Blogspot

Caffenation on Twitter

Caffenation on Facebook

Isa on Twitter

Isa on Last.fm

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